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Apart from the weekly meetings, there are often activities at weekends, and occasionally at other times, and these increase in the older sections. The Scouts, for example, normally have a week long summer camp, a long weekend trip to Snowdonia around Easter time and take part in many events organised by the Wimbledon and Wandle Scout District or the Greater London South West Scout County.

Click here  to see a guide to what scouts should wear on the mountains.  

We also do occasional bits of community service, often connected to the church.

Members are encouraged to take part in as many of these activities as they can.

There are a whole series of awards and badges that members can obtain according to the section they are in. The main ones each section works towards are the Chief Scout's Bronze (Beavers), Silver (Cubs) and Gold (Scouts) Awards, for which they need to have obtained a number of other awards.

Please encourage your son/daughter in their endeavours and ensure their badges are sewn on their uniforms when they are awarded. Their membership book has a diagram showing where they should be sewn, or our section leaders can advise you.

Church Parades
Although we are a church-based group, we are an open group, which means that you do not have to be a member of the church in order to belong. However, we are very fortunate in having been supported for the past 60+ years by St Saviour's Church and it is right that we should support the church in return. We do this in two ways. One is in undertaking occasional acts of service like gardening or delivering leaflets. Another is in attending occasional church parade services. These are normally at Harvest Festival and Mothering Sunday. There is also a Christingle Christmas service in early December. We like as many Scouts as possible to attend these parade services and parents are welcome.

Members are expected to wear full uniform each week and to many of the organised activities, unless they are specifically informed otherwise.

The leaders of each section can tell you what uniform you need to buy. Uniform items can be purchased at the Scout store in Morden on Thursday evenings between 7.45 and 9.15pm and some Saturday mornings (see http://www.wimbledonandwandlescouts.org/store.htm)

Scouts may bring a change of clothes, or 'scruff kit', to change into during the evening for the games.

We will provide the group scarf and badges, which should be sewn on in the correct place on the uniform.

Subs are £35 per term payable of the beginning of each term. We can reclaim tax if you are a standard or higher rate tax payer.